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What You Get from Office 365

Have you heard people everywhere talking about Office 365 Home Premium? Maybe it’s time for you to get a subscription

So what’s in Office 365? It contains the basic Office 2013 apps and this includes Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, you get Outlook, Publisher along with Microsoft Access. It can be uploaded on up to 5 PC’s including tablets and Macs and it primarily runs on Windows 7 or 8 to 8.1

Of course, there other versions that are called Office 365 small business premium and these can accommodate organizations that have 10 employees and Office 365 ProPlus. This can power up to 25 users and 5 installations for every user.  Home Premium, in and of itself however can afford you multiple benefits if you know how to put it to good use:

1.       A Cooler Interface

In line with Windows 8, Office 365 contains a flatter, slicker and leaner look that helps you focus more on your content without being distracted by all the buttons. The Ribbon has sharper edges and this is often what people note about the UI of Office 2013.

2.       Edit PDF’s using Office 365

Have you ever had trouble interfacing with PDF in the past? Well, this time around, worry no more! This is because you can now edit these documents in full and you can  edit the document comments-wise. MS Word 2013 has become a more universal productivity app. Because of the way you can import, edit and export files, this will maximize your flexibility in what you are able to do.

3.       Create more Visual Documents

Office 365’s PowerPoint 2013 allows you to add photos directly from your Facebook or Flickr accounts respectively so you need not rummage from your old archive to look for appropriate images. Office 2013, from Word to PowerPoint enables you to edit photos right then and there on the application itself. You need not worry about resorting to other apps to make changes and you can make your visual media as neat and as impeccable as possible just by working on Office 365 itself.

If that isn’t enough, then there’s also the phenomenon of cloud sharing. SkyDrive increases your capacity to work from anywhere because your files are saved efficiently on the cloud. Now, you may be a user of Google Drive or Dropbox but the ease of which this is integrated into your documents on Microsoft office will help you work faster and a lot cleaner.

So, have you decided whether you want to purchase some Office 2013 installations separately? Or is it to subscribe and integrate it all in one through Office365 Home Premium? Ultimately, it is all up to you but you need to be sure of what your business needs are versus your personal needs so that you can acquire the software that is most appropriate for your situation.

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